Travel Awards

Application for Pre/Post Doctoral Congress Travel Awards

Important: Registration for the next ISDCI conference is still open. If you would like to compete for a travel award, please be aware that abstract submission is obligatory.
There will exist the possibility to apply for travel awards for those students/postdocs who are ISDCI members. Enquiries about memberships should be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer Liz Dyrynda
Both, via the Unites States National Science Foundation and the Society itself, ISDCI has the possibility to pay for a restricted number of travel awards.  Anticipate, next to congress registration and abstract submission, a support letter from your supervisor and documentation of student/postdoc status. Closing date for travel award applications: May 15, 2018.

Completed forms and supplementary documentation should be sent by e-mail to the ISDCI Secretary of Education, Dr. Geert Wiegertjes, at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

If you are chosen as a recipient of a travel award that is funded by the NSF, you must agree to write a short summary that describes the science that is reported at a session of your choice at the ISDCI Congress.  Your summary will be due to ISDCI VP for the Americas, Michael Criscitiello, by email no later than August 1st. 

Download the application form below: